Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd have died

It’s not a good morning so far, seeing the reports that both Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd have died.

Patrick Swayze, the Dirty Dancing star, died on Monday after his 2 year battle with pancreatic cancer.

This form of cancer is very virulent and sadly has a low survival rate.

Whilst Keith Floyd died of a heart attack, he had recently revealed he was battling another form of cancer, this time bowel cancer.

It brings home the question of whether you are covered financially for a critical illness. We’re all to keen to think ‘it’ will always happen to someone else, but sadly sometimes ‘it’ does happen to you.

Buying life insurance or considering critical illness insurance or some form of payment protection insurance is back on my ‘To do’ list.

There’s that and I think a watching of the Dirty Dancing DVD again tonight is certainly a must.


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