What is sub-prime and what does it mean for me?

The sub-prime crisis that has been hanging ominously over the world economy for a number of months now is showing no signs of abating. We all know it is bad, but what is it really? What has caused it? And what does it mean for you? Read on to find out more.

High Court will decide on bank overdraft charges

The future costs of banking for British consumers could be decided this week as the Office of Fair Trading and some of Britain's biggest banks lock horns in the High Court over overdraft fees. The outcome could have a significant effect on how much we all pay for our banking.

How to save money on gifts this Christmas

With just a few more days left to Christmas, the heat is on if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet. We show you how to save on those last minute presents this Christmas.

Are the credit crunch problems coming to an end?

The second half of 2007 has been a rough ride for British consumers. Falling house prices, the rising cost of credit and the threat of a recession has dented consumer confidence significantly. However some recent news gives us cause for optimism.

How to budget for Christmas

For many of us, the joys of Christmas can be overshadowed by financial worries, when we should be relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. We show you how to budget for the festive season in this article.

How to take control of your finances

An alarming number of British consumers are taking the 'head in the sand approach' to their personal finances. Failing to keep track of your cash flow can do serious damage to your financial well being. Read out tips to help you manage your money more effectively.

Cutting the costs of flood damage

The recent tidal surge along the east coast served as a stark warning that we all need to be aware of the risks of flooding. In this article we advise you on how to protect your home and minimise the costs of flooding.

Treat your kids to a secure future this Christmas

For most of us Christmas is a time of spending. Savings accounts are emptied and credit cards go into overdrive. However, it can also be a great time to save for your kids' futures. We show you how.

Plan your pension now to avoid a bleak future

A quarter of British consumers believe that they will have to work beyond the age of 65. And the reality is that they are probably right. If you wish to live out your later years in comfort, you need to plan your pension now.

Cutting the cost of Christmas credit

As Christmas approaches, now is the time to get your finances in order ahead of the seasonal shopping spree. Most of us rely on some form of credit to get us through the big Christmas spend. We look at ways to keep this credit as cheap as possible.