What Affects The Foreign Exchange Markets?

Various foreign exchange notes
As the UK claws its way out of from the worst and longest recession we have known for generations, we guide you through what factors have an effect on the foreign exchange markets, and when to try and judge when the best time to exchange funds is.

5 Easy Ways to Save on UK Transport

lets go and travel
Have some great tips and information about saving money on transport in the UK. Travelling in this country can be expensive, however there are ways to reduce your travel costs, as we show.

How To Save Money On Energy Bills

A pan on a gas hob
Saving money on energy bills is becoming more important as energy companies increase their electricity and gas prices as the wholesale costs of fuels rise.

The Wonderful World of (Cheap) Electricity

Gas burners for cooking, contributing to monthly costs for budgeting
Without electricity we would struggle to complete a number of basic everyday tasks. Arguably one of the greatest inventions of the modern world, electricity is responsible for everything from our domestic entertainment to home cooking, heating and lighting. Both in residential properties and businesses, electricity is the main form of energy used on a regular basis.

How to Get the Best Service from Your Energy Supplier

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Energy industry regulator Ofgem says the majority of gas and electricity customers have never switched providers, and research shows that Brits collectively throw away £3.5billion a year by not switching to a better deal.

Can I Save by Switching Energy Suppliers?

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The sound of a gas or electricity bill dropping through the letter box fills many people with dread. At time when many people are struggling to keep their finances in good health because of increased debts and stagnating wages, the last thing they need is to be hit with a hefty energy bill.

Dental Insurance vs Dental Plan. What’s The Difference?

Dental care for children is free
If you’ve ever had a round of expensive dental treatment, it might well be time to bite the bullet (courtesy of your new crowns) and arrange some dental insurance - here's your guide to finding the best financial safeguard for your dental care.