How P2P Lending Can Kickstart Your Investment Portfolio

Discussing peer to peer funding
Peer-to-peer lending could be just the investment solution that you’re looking for if you are new to investing and want to build a successful portfolio. Richard Litchfield, Head of Operations at Lending Works explains how aspiring investors can build a diverse and lucrative investment portfolio.

How the Payday Loans Industry Is Changing

A payday loan concept
The Payday loans industry has changed radically over the last few years as the Financial Conduct Authority has forced it to reduce interest rates and perform more checks before lending vulnerable people loans they cannot afford.

Retiring in Cyprus

A retired couple running on the beach
Retiring to Cyprus can be an appealing option for many people reaching retirement age as the climate is beneficial and property prices are reasonable so what are the pros and cons?

Are You At Risk of Losing Your Property Deposit?

Houses alongside a river
Home ownership is a dream for many, however problems can occur is a mortgage application is turned down during the property purchase transaction, which can lead to the loss of the buyers deposit, as we discuss in this article.

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Lender

£20 notes tied in a roll
Chosing a reputable lender for your unsecured loan is an important step in finding the right solution if you want to borrow money. We look at five important points to consider before selecting a lender.

5 Amazing Facts about the UK Microbusiness Boom

A small business retailer
The recent recession hit the UK hard but it’s clear the Great British public have not lost their entrepreneurial spirit with many microbusinesses being started. Here are five amazing facts about the microbusiness boom.

How To Become A Professional Gambler

A roulette wheel in a casino
We discuss how to become a professional gambler along with its pros and cons, in this article. So if you fancy yourself as a pro gambler read on!