Pac-Man Is Turning 30 And You Can Even Get An iPhone Pac-Man App!

Pac-Man turns 30 this year and whilst I can’t believe it, it’s true! But Wow! I now find there’s Pac-Match Party for the iPhone and iPod touch too.

Pac-Man must be one of the most successful arcade games ever – well alongside Space Invaders and Asteroids that is, mind you I could never really get into Asteroids myself. I do though remember hours of trying to get the furry, friendly Pac-Man to try and gobble more.

Reawakening my memory I’ve just found that there’s Nintendo DS game called ‘NAMCO Museum 2‘ which brings back many of the classic arcade games – and one is now winging it’s way to my home from Amazon.

Bringing Pac-Man forwards to 2010, Pac-Match Party recasts Pac-Man as the star of a puzzle game that’s all about matching up at least three similar items, ghosts, fruit and other goodies.

Whilst in my view it’s not quite up to the mark of the original, getting it on the iPhone is an added bonus – not least because with the iPhone 4 now released I really do feel it’s time for me to join the throng and see exactly how great this latest smartphone from Apple really is.

I’m of course not alone on this, huge queues formed this morning as thousands tried to get their hands on the new iPhone – and Apple’s store in Regent Street even opened early at 7am to deal with demand.

In case you want a little reminder of the original Pac-Man, along with the Pac Match party, take a look at this  video – right now though I’m off to make sure I  get the best iPhone 4 deal.

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