O2 Simplicity: 12 Months Tariff Review

The pay monthly O2 Simplicity tariff allows you to keep your current mobile phone and just get a sim – it’s so easy. We take a look at the deals you can currently get and provide a general 12 months tariff review.

O2 Simplicity 12 months tariffFirstly What is Simplicity? Basically it’s just a sim, you keep your phone and number and you choose a payment option from PAYG up to a 12 months contract.

Here we review the O2 Simplicity 12 months tariff

Right now with this tariff you can get a free £50 high street voucher (offer only runs until 30 March 2011)

Buy online and you can choose an inclusive Bolt On when you select 300-1200 minutes


Save £5 per month for signing up for a 12 month contract.

See the O2 website for more details and to sign-up.

You can sign up on different tariffs based on the number of inclusive minutes you need. However many minutes you opt for, unlimited texts are always included.

As at 9 March 2011, the O2 Simplicity 12 months deals available are:

Minutes Texts Contract Monthly Cost Additional Info
600 Unlimited 12 months One Free Bolt On* £15.32 Select Simplicity
900 Unlimited 12 months One Free Bolt On* £20.42 Select Simplicity
1200 Unlimited 12 months One Free Bolt On* £35.53 Select Simplicity
Unlimited Unlimited 12 months £40.86 Select Simplicity

* The ‘One Free Bolt On’ is either Unlimited O2 to O2 calls or Unlimited landline calls.

As you can see there are a number of different options to choose from. Basically it boils down to how many free minutes you want included, plus of course the amount you are willing to pay per month for your phone.

Don’t forget there are costs that you may incur that fall outside your monthly tariff, including for example, calls to premium rate numbers, such as 0870 or 0871 numbers, or for services such as Directory Enquires.

O2 also have other Simplicity plans, for example Simplicity for smartphones and plans specifically for the iPhone and the Blackberry.

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