NHS to have meat-free menus

I have just read with amazement that the NHS is proposing to introduce meat-free menus in hospitals!

This is just one of a number of proposals the NHS is due to publish as part of their plan to cut carbon emissions.

Another proposal is to reuse more equipment. What about the already significant issues of infection with bugs like MRSA, won’t reuse of equipment exacerbate this I wonder?

The proposals are part of the NHS strategy, Saving Carbon, Improving Health, which will outline how the NHS intend to meet its target in support of the government’s commitment to cut emissions 80% by 2050.

No doubt many of the proposals will be strongly supported, including such as the installation of automated lighting and the introduction of surgeon follow-up visits at the GP surgery to reduce patient travel.

But, removing meat from the menu, is that a step too far?

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