New Skills Academy Helped Me Advance In My Career

As a keen and determined individual, I’ve always been eager to progress in my career to better myself. I’d imagine this applies to a lot of people, and if you’re one of those individuals, then the New Skills Academy is more than worth considering. Especially after looking at several New Skills Academy reviews, it will quickly became apparent that organisation is the place that will give you everything needed to progress professionally.

On visiting the New Skills Academy, their professional website impressed me and reassured me that this was the platform to help develop my skills and take my career a step further. I didn’t want to use a service where my options were immediately limited in terms of courses, so I was delighted to find a wide range available to me at the New Skills Academy.

There should always be multiple avenues to take, regardless of your career, and this was the case here.

Now, it’s all well and good having a platform which offers a range of courses, but if they’re not approved or recognised by the right people, they can prove to be worthless. I was reassured and given the peace of mind I needed at the New Skills Academy as all their courses are both checked and accredited by the IAO and CPD.

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As well as the courses having received approval from the right people, they were created by experts too. I wanted to be able to take my career further by completing an engaging and somewhat challenging course, and that’s what was on the menu at the New Skills academy. My expectations and high standards were surpassed, which is credit to the professionals working behind the scenes.

I never expected it to be a case of completing the course without the need for any support along the way, and I’d imagine this applies to others who have used this brilliant platform. So, it was reassuring to know that tutor support was available whenever I needed it. Not only were the tutors friendly and genuine in their desire to assist, but they were also knowledgeable, which gave me peace of mind and confidence in buckets.

I intended to use the New Skills Academy to help advance my career but, in the meantime, I didn’t want to put my life or career on hold in any way, shape or form. So, I was delighted to be able to study my course whenever I wanted, and from wherever I was. Users aren’t required to complete everything on PC or laptop, which makes studying more convenient. I even worked through parts on my smartphone on the way to work.

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On completing my course, I received a valid qualification, which again gave me reassurance and peace of mind. I worked hard to complete the course, and although challenging at times, I felt like I had achieved something.

So, being able to validate my qualification at any time of the day or night was superb, and an excellent way to close another chapter of learning.

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