The new home checklist: Your day #1 tasks

It’s one of the most exciting periods of your life, but let’s not forget that moving home also happens to be one of the most stressful (and this is confirmed by umpteen sources).

A lot of attention is placed on the months moving up to your move, but in reality, there are still a lot of tasks that need to be completed the very first day that you get the keys.

This is what the focus of today is going to be on. If you are about to complete on your house purchase, arm yourself with the following advice which will make your move go much more seamlessly.

Don’t believe the estate agent about professional cleaning

Sure, some are true to their word, but on the whole we wouldn’t believe any sort of promises which are made by estate agents about professional cleaning. On the whole, you’ll need to do a lot yourself, to at least give you and your family peace of mind that everything really is bacteria-free.

A young woman cleaning with a mop

You might find that the carpets, walls and everything else seems to be spotless, but there will always be something that slips through the net. The oven is the main culprit here, so we would advise that you research the best ways to clean an oven as there are all sorts of nasty’s that can make their way into here over the years.

Read your meters

You are surrounded by boxes, so the thought of taking meter readings sounds out of the question. Unfortunately, it needs to be done. If you don’t, you risk going into a dispute with your energy and water suppliers about who owes what – and this isn’t the best impression as you move into a new home.

As such, read your meters, and get set up on your new tariffs as soon as possible.

Test the appliances

In some ways, this is almost too late. After all, if appliances aren’t working now, it’s almost tough. You’ve handed over your money and legally speaking, on most occasions at least, the past owner doesn’t have any obligations.

However, you might receive a bit of goodwill. Sometimes, it’s not about the device not working, but more about you not knowing how to use it. If you can test everything on the first day, you can quickly get back to past owners and find out if there are any hacks or switches, they used to get things moving again.

Modern kitchen appliances

Sort out your mail

Finally, let’s finish with the paperwork. You’ve moved into your new home, but you’re not getting any mail. The reason? Nobody knows your new address.

The obvious solution is just to tell people but doing this for all of your contacts can be tricky. Instead, there are mail redirection services out there, which charge a fee for any mail that is being sent from your old address to be forwarded to your new one. It’s not permanent, but it just gives you time to get your house in order.

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