Natwest web site offline

Natwest online banking web site has been offline today for at least an hour and still seems to be having problems.

Natwest customers have been experiencing problems with the Natwest online banking web site today, as I found out when I tried to access my account.

For at least one hour, I tried repeatedly to visit, merely to receive an error message that the site could not be found. Eventually, after many attempts, I finally logged in and made a few transactions, however when I logged out, their website experienced more problems.

So I now don’t know if I have been logged out correctly, although I am confident that my transactions would have been processed correctly prior to the web site failure.

It is very rare for a major Bank such as Natwest to have so many web site problems. I hope they resolve them soon or else it could cause major issues for their retail and commercial customers who rely on the web site to settle due payments, particularly just before the weekend.

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