Mytravelcash currency card – facts and figures

With the proliferation of prepaid currency cards, choosing the right card can be very challenging. Many high street banks, including Lloyds are issuing currency cards. In fact, several specialist providers, such as FairFX and Moneycorp also issue currency cards. We now continue our reviews with a focus on the Mytravelcash currency card.
mytravelcash currency card
Who are Mytravelcash currency card?
The MyTravelCash card is delivered by CorporatePay, one of the market leading prepaid card providers. The company focuses on value and service and believes everyone should get the best deal on their foreign exchange transactions.

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An introduction to the Mytravelcash currency card
The MyTravelCash Prepaid MasterCard offers market leading exchange rates with no commission. The card is loaded in Euros or US Dollars, but transactions can be in the local currency to avoid multiple foreign transaction fees when using your debit or credit card.

It is accepted globally anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. The card uses chip and pin for security. There is no risk of anybody, aside from the cardholder, gaining access to your credit facilities or bank accounts. You can track your spending and balance information online, by phone and via SMS.

There are no transaction fees for purchases when you buy in the card currency and no currency conversion fees, charges or commissions for loading funds.

You can load additional funds online and you can withdraw your balance at any ATM. You can ask for a refund or save your balance for your next trip.

How much does the Mytravelcash prepaid currency card cost?
Getting Mytravelcash prepaid currency Euro and US dollar cards are free but you will be charged €6.00 per additional Euro card and $8.00 per card for extra US Dollar card. The Euro card has an initial load of €10 and maximum initial load up to €3000 while the US Dollar card has $10 minimum initial load and $4000 maximum initial load.

Both the Euro and US Dollar cards do not charge fees for transactions in the card currency but there is a 2.5% fee for transactions not in the card currency. The Euro card is charged €0.15 per every balance inquiry and the US Dollar card debited with $0.15 for the same transaction.

Replacement of lost or stolen card is €6.00 for the Euro card and $8.00 for the US Dollar card.

How can I get Mytravelcash currency card?
You can apply for your MyTravelCash Prepaid MasterCard online. It takes a few minutes and no credit check is required. You have to activate your card before you use it and you have to obtain your pin by calling the company.

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