mySupermarket review part two

In our mySupermarket review, we showed how comparing prices can save you money with your supermarket shop.  We will look at other features of mySupermarket in this article. is a unique web site that allows you to compare the prices of thousands of items that you buy in supermarkets.  Not only can you easily compare prices, you can create a shopping list and then order online from one of the four supermarkets involved with the service

An impressively wide range of supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado, Boots and M&S are integrated into the mySupermarket service and you can easily compare the costs of your shopping between them and switch to get the best overall savings.

Orders are placed directly through with your chosen online supermarket so the service is generally quick and easy to use.

As our review showed – mySupermarket does save you money, particularly if you buy the easily found offers.

If you register for free with MySupermarket, you receive benefits such as their product suggestions and savings as well as something we particularly like – the ability to prepare a shopping list with the best offers, print it off and then take it to your local store.

Calorie savings, not just saving money

mySupermarket offer a very smart service if you are keen to watch the waistline as well as the purse.  You can shop according to the calorie count of your items.

As you fill your virtual trolley, mySupermarket will automatically find alternatives, if it can, that contain less fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar or have less calories.

You have to register to start filling your shopping trolley and to use this calorie monitoring, but it is certainly a useful feature.

Booking delivey slots

mySupermarket is flexible and easy to use, although we found one area that could be improved with the service.

Booking delivery slots with your chosen online supermarket can be problematic.

This is mainly down to the way in which mySupermarket works.  You do your shopping and then can switch to the supermarket that offers the best overall savings.

This means that selecting a delivery slot comes at the end of the shopping process, rather than at the beginning.

You may find that there are no delivery slots that are convenient for you with your chosen online supermarket, so then what do you do?

We spoke to one MySupermarket user who has stopped using them because of this inflexibilty, although she was making regular savings with the service.

If you have sufficient flexibility with delivery slots, then this is not a problem, however it could be an issue when both parents are at work.

The mySupermarket app

If you prefer shopping or comparing prices on the go then you can download their app (iOS and Android) to check prices wherever you are. 1.5 million people have downloaded the mySupermarket app so far.

Our conclusion

mySupermarket is an impressive service that does save you money, week in, week out.  To have integrated so closely with at least four major online supermarkets is no mean feat.

The service is very easy and powerful to use.  There are useful offline features too such as printing the shopping list.  You can also do quick price comparisons for certain items.

For example, if you are having a party, you can quickly search for the cheapest wine or beer and then buy it at your local store.

There are some issues such as some of the product comparisons may not be accurate (but most are) and the delivery slot allocations could be improved, if possible.

Overall mySupermarket is a service that intelligently uses the power of the Internet for the benefit of consumers. Using their service, you do save money and time (and even calories!) and that is excellent.

Update 19 September 2016

This review has been updated to reflect the changes that have evolved at mySupermarket such as their partnership with a wider range of supermarkets and their app for price comparisons “on the go”.

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