MYOB Business Accounting Software: is Business Accountz Professional a good alternative?

Mamut have announced that they will be discontinuing Windows versions of the MYOB UK accounting products over the next two years, so is Business Accountz Professional a good alternative?

Not only have Mamut announced the withdrawal from the UK market of the Windows versions of the MYOB UK products, they will become read only from 31st December 2011 irrespective of the operating platform.

This means that from 1st January 2012 MYOB UK accounting products will not be usable for data entry and record keeping – they will open in read only mode for historical purposes only.  What are the implications for businesses considering purchasing accounting software in the near future and is there an alternative that should be considered?

Business Accounting software for the Mac

There are very few accounting software packages that run on the MAC platforms.  MYOB is one of them, so the end of life announcement by Mamut will mean that Mac users will have to look elsewhere for their bookkeeping systems.

Mamut will be releasing new versions of the current MYOB Mac products in April 2010, ensuring all MYOB Mac users can continue using their preferred platform, both now and beyond MYOB’s end of life, however Mac users may also want to consider switching to Business Accountz Professional as an alternative.

Business accounting software from runs on Mac operating systems as well as the latest Windows versions, and even Linux.  The products are owned and developed by a long standing company in the UK that has been trading since 1985.  Being Java based, they are light on computer resources and have been designed to offer quick and efficient data entry as well as a wide range of bookkeeping and reporting functions.

Business Accountz Professional offers a similar level of functionality as MYOB AccountEdge, although there is no stock control in the software from  MYOB AccountEdge costs £199 + VAT and delivery, however there is an additional £132 + VAT cost for mandatory support and upgrades that makes this more expensive than the Accountz Professional edition that costs £233 +VAT, but offers free upgrades and support via its online forum.

Although Mamut have yet to announce the prices for the MYOB replacements, they state on their web site that “The prices are to be confirmed, but will be roughly in line with the existing Mamut product portfolio. Existing MYOB customers in the UK will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Mamut AccountEdge solution at a discounted price.”

Is Business Accountz Professional a good alternative to MYOB for the Mac?

As our review of the Professional edition points out, this software offers many benefits to the business user. It is developed and supported by a UK based company that has ambitious plans for the future of its products, it runs on the Mac platform and there is excellent customer support with free upgrades for all but major product changes.

It is only right that Mamut will do all they can to transition existing MYOB customers to the Mamut range of accounting products, however there is an alternative in the market that should be considered by business Mac users  – Business Accountz Professional.

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