musicMagpie review: selling technology to them

In this, our latest Musicmagpie review, we see how easy it is to sell a technology item to the company. We have already bought a phone from MusicMagpie and had a good experience receiving a full refund from them, so let’s see if selling tech to them works out well.

On their website, musicMagpie offer cash for CD’s, DVD’s, games, books and tech. They promise a free courier for you to send things to them, and “super-fast” same day payments.

Very simple sales process

You can download an app to turn your mobile device into a bar code scanner that greatly simplifies entering the details of your sales item into their website.

Using their app, or simple to use web forms for technology products, you are then given an on-screen quote for how much they will pay.

You select the quality of the item – either good, poor or faulty – and the offer price changes accordingly. So if you are happy with the price then you either login or register and proceed with the sale.

Once you have supplied all your details, musicMagpie send you an email with tips about packing up your item and what you need to do if you are selling them a phone or tablet with regards to removing find my phone and iCloud logins before packing it up for despatch.

You will also receive a pre-paid postage coupon so that you can post your parcel to musicMagpie free of charge from the nearest Post Office. You receive a tracking number so that you can track your parcel to them and know when it has arrived at their warehouse.

Excellent communication throughout

The whole sales process is quick and easy and musicMagpie provided very good email communication to let me know how our sale was proceeding and what would happen next.

musicMagpie sale item received email

Once our parcel had been delivered to their warehouse, I received an email informing me that it was waiting to be checked by their quality assessment team.

It had actually arrived the day before, according to the Royal Mail tracking reference, but as it was a couple of days after “Cuber Monday” and “Black Friday”, I forgave their missed promise of paying out on the day of delivery.

Prompt and efficient payment

Soon after receiving the “goods arrived” email, I received a second email informing me that payment had been sent to my bank account!

musicMagpie sale payment sent email

A couple of hours later, loh and behold, the money from musicMagpie was sitting in my bank account and that was that. The sale was complete.

musicMagpie is a good company to deal with

So we have bought items, sold an item and been through the post sales refund process with musicMagpie, and it is pleasing to say that this is a great company to deal with.

All my dealings with this company have gone well. I think we are now well placed to assess how good they are from a selling to, and buying from, perspective and all I can say is that are highly recommended.

In fact, I am now searching around for more items to sell to them, so that I can turn some of our clutter into cash!

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