Moving House Quickly

There are a variety of valid reasons why you might want to have your house taken off your hands quickly; whether you’ve inherited a property and want to release the cash, or you need to relocate for work.

A property that sits on the market for a long time is no good to anyone. If it is left empty, an unused home only takes a matter of months to look uncared for.

Well-kept gardens quickly start to grow and weeds take over, while in the winter months frozen and burst pipes become a problem.

Plus, an empty home is incredibly attractive to squatters – of both the human and animal varieties.

In short, an empty property requires the time and effort of regular maintenance, which may not be practical or cost-effective.

But one thing’s for sure, the longer your home sits on the shelf and the more unloved it becomes, the less people will be inclined to put in an offer.

If you’ve been relocated with work, you might find yourself with just a matter of weeks to sell up and move on. With mortgage offers still relatively scarce, in the current conditions there are no certainties about how long it will take for your property to budge on the open market.

In this situation many people choose to let their houses. While this may allow you to cover the mortgage on a monthly basis, it might not leave you with access to the lump sum you were looking for to buy your next home, leaving with you with no option but to rent yourselves.

Letting out a house may also make it more difficult to sell in the long term, as you can’t rely on getting fantastically house-proud tenants who’ll display the property at its best.

In the current financial climate with its redundancies and uncertainties, many people view their mortgages like a noose round the neck. No longer is property the stable investment of days gone by.

If you, like so many others in the UK, are looking to cash in on the equity in your property in order to downsize or rent, the more quickly you can get rid of your property burden the better.

Selling on the open market can be a stressful and expensive experience but there are options to help you sell your home fast. Companies like Tom Craven have been around for many years, specialising in buying property quickly to help homeowners release the cash.

This type of company makes an offer within 24hours and handles all the paperwork for you, to ensure a home move that’s quick, smooth and hassle free – some will even pay your solicitor’s fees.

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