5 Movies That Can Make Your Holidays Better

So how are you guys? All of you will be fine. Today’s topic is a different kind of topic, and in it, we will talk about the five movies that can make your day better.

So you guys know that movie makes us feel very calm and if we are tired and a movie is played in front of us, then all our tiredness is gone. If you think that making movies is too easy, you are thinking very wrong because you have to work very hard to make it.

Some people watch the movies for time pass, but some people are a dire-heart fan of movies because they love to watch movies and are familiar with the story of almost every movie. I also feel that watching movies is a good option since when we are tired, then we don’t have anything to do, believe me, it will give you more joy if you’re tired.

Sometimes, if I am feeling bored, then I watch any of these movies. I want to clarify that any website does not pick these 5 movies, but it’s my taste; but if you’ve missed any of these movies, don’t hesitate to watch them.

I will provide the complete information related to every move. Different things are used to measure the popularity of any movie, such as box office, overall ratings,timemuch more. So, now let’s move on and check out the proper stats of it.

Titanic (1997)

Titanic movie was released in 1997, and it was a game-changer, and it’s based on a real event. Titanic was a ship, and it was the most popular ship in the early 190s and considered the best movie of the decade; everyone was admiring the beauty of Titanic. An unexpected event happened in April 1912. It became a disaster for the passengers of the Titanic.

I love to watch Titanic movies, and whenever I feel bored, I watch them on my laptop. Every time, I get more joyful watching Titanic movie. If you’ve not watched it yet, then you’ve missed a big opportunity to watch the most joyful movie. The movie is based on the Drama-Romance category.

Reports stated that there were around 2200 passengers, including Men, Women, children, and older men. Titanic ship also has a backup plan for any unpleasant event, and there were around 10-15 boats on the ship. Unfortunately, the existing boats were not enough since the passengers were more in numbers so, it was very obvious that some would survive and at the same time, some people are having their last moments.

700-800 passengers survived, and the majority of the surviving people were women, older men, and children. The Young & aged man survived their lives just for the sake of their children.

The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Reports also state that the titanic ship was broken into two parts before sinking, and the upper part survived for a half-hour after sinking the bottom part. It was a complete disaster, and I can say that it’s a bit emotional movie, but I enjoy watching Titanic.

Titanic is spotted in the 3rd position on the most grossing movies worldwide, and it ruled the first spot for many years, but some new movies have overtaken Titanic in the Box Office, but still, I will go with Titanic movie.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Series

Pirates Of The Caribbean has 4-5 parts released in different years, and I like watching this series. The initial part was released in 2003 named Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl. Jack Sparrow is the main character of the series. I like his acting, and the way he deals with the situation is amazing.

Jack Sparrow always seeks the viewers’ attention, and his real name is “Johnny Deep”. I even watch his interview, and I think that he has a funny nature, and he replies everything is funny & happy mode. The last part of the series was released in 2017, but I’m not sure that will they produce the next part or not, but I’m looking forward to watching the next part.

The best part of the series is that you will see something interesting in every new part. I’ve often seen that the producer doesn’t maintain the quality of the initial sequel got too much fame, but this series has made me wrong since the content quality of these movies is amazing.

Every time, you will see Jack Sparrow in a different situation, and most of the times, he is being slaughtered, but he survives every time.

The Joker Movie

Joker movie is also very entertaining, and it was also famous due to its main cast. I love his natural acting skill. He does not make you realize that he’s the dummy character, and the movie is based on fiction.

I love the scene where he hired many thieves, and they start killing each thief after his job is done. There were around 7-8 thieves, but only two survived after completing the mission. One of both knew that it’s his time to be killed since his job was done, and he knew that the rest of the guys had been killed by their mates.

He says to the other surviving person that I know that you will kill me, and he tries to take his gun, but the other person shoots him no time. The second surviving person was his boss, who planned this robbery. This scene is the movie’s initial moment, so imagine what you will get more by watching it.

I many of his dialogues, but he spoke one dialogue very often: “Why are you so serious”. I love to listen to his dialogue. The way he pronounces the dialogue is very pleasant & entertaining.

Fast & Furious Movie Series

This movie also has many sequels. Its popularity is also due to the initial release, and you will sports car in this movie series. This series is very entertaining, and the series is not limited to racing the cars only, but too much action & adventure.

The series is very popular globally, and it has two parts existing in the top 20 most grossing movies. The Fate of the furious is the latest part of the series, and you can browse the rest of its part as well. Its position is 19 on the most grossing movies list.

Furious 7 was the actual reason for its popularity, and it was released in 2015 so, it is also one of the new releases but earned too much fame. This part also ruled the 4th position of the most grossing movies, but it could not stay long since the competition exceeded expectations.

Furious seven is currently ruling at the 9th spot, but we can expect a new sequel at any time in the future. The total series earned billions of dollars, and we can’t predict how many parts are still to come in the market.

Black Panther Movie

It is the only release of the movie, and maybe we can see more sequel in the future, but there is no chance for the next release. We will keep you updated if the producer produces any further sequel, but it is not expecting yet.

The movie has entered in the single figure of the most grossing movie, but it’s no longer in the top 10 grossing movies, but some new movies have overtaken it. However, it’s still ruling the 12th spot, and it was released four years ago, but still ruling the 12th spot so, it means that something is amazing in the product.


We’ve entertained our users by providing very meaningful information, and I hope that you will like my content so, keep visiting our website to get more relating articles. These 5 movies have grossed billions of dollars mark so, their popularity is recognized globally. Most of these belong to Hollywood, but most people can’t understand the English language.

In European countries, people love to watch moves, but the only restriction is the first language since most of the European countries prefer the Spanish language so; basically, they need a platform where they can get the dubbing of different languages movie into Spanish, and as of my observations, RepelisHD is the best selection in that case.

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