Most Broadband Users Seek Reliability And So Do I

Having moved house recently, I was faced with the daunting task of finding a new broadband provider, as I had decided that my current one had become uncompetitive with all the new products now available.

In line with the findings of the broadband customer satisfaction survey, which indicated that reliability of service is the deciding factor for most consumers when selecting a supplier, I too placed high regards to that aspect too.

What is the point of having ultra fast download speeds when your connection keeps dropping? Or when you want to pay that credit card bill at the last minute and guess what – your Internet connection is down, yet again.

Yes, having that gateway to the outside world is important to most of us now and relying on it being available when we want it is becoming more and more important to our “connected lives”.

But. There’s always a “but” with broadband, I’ve noticed.

Now I have my new broadband, which actually does seem reliable, I have joined the 77% of broadband users who are unhappy with their download speeds.

Adsl2+ promises download nirvana at a blistering 24 Mb. I’m not daft enough to think I’d ever reach those dizzy speeds, but when signing up, the automated line tests showed that I ought to get 16 Mb. “Pretty good”, I thought – “I’m happy with that”.

Well, I actually only get 8.3 Mb, which is only about 1Mb more than my mere ADSL service with my old provider. I’m thinking of going back to the previous supplier who seemed to offer reliability and speed, but at a price!

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