Moneycorp prepaid currency card – facts and figures

Many travellers use prepaid currency cards instead of cash when travelling because of the security and convenience they provide. Because of this, many high street banks are issuing currency cards, as well as specialist providers such as FairFX and Caxton FX. We now continue our reviews with information about the Moneycorp prepaid currency card.

moneycorp currency card

Who are Moneycorp prepaid currency card?
The Moneycorp prepaid currency card is owned and operated by TTT Moneycorp Limited, a company with headquarters in London, England.

Moneycorp provides their clients with pioneering products and services, particularly in foreign exchange and global payment systems.

An introduction to the Moneycorp prepaid currency card
The Moneycorp MasterCard Prepaid card can be loaded with euros or US dollars by the main cardholder using a debit or credit card. You can use your Moneycorp Prepaid Card to make purchases wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed, giving you access to over 28 million locations including 1.5 million ATMs worldwide.

The card uses chip and pin which are harder to copy than traditional magnetic stripe cards. Lost or stolen cards can be blocked via IVR and SMS. You can load the card online free of charge.

Moneycorp eccount – How does it work?
A unique feature of the Moneycorp MasterCard Prepaid card is the Moneycorp eccount, a secure storage facility to help you manage your money – securely and conveniently. You can manage your eccount online, over the phone or by text message.

With the Moneycorp eccount, you can move money securely between your primary and secondary cards online, by text or by phone. You can log into your eccount and check your balance/s at any time.

How much does the Moneycorp prepaid currency card cost?
Getting a Moneycorp prepaid card is free, as well as the secondary card. Transactions in shops, online and in restaurants are also free of charge. Loading your card using a debit card will not cost you anything, and there are no foreign exchange or monthly fees.

  • £25 (or currency equivalent) minimum amount of initial load
  • £2,500 (or currency equivalent) maximum amount per load
  • £5,000 (or currency equivalent) maximum card balance

Replacement of a lost or stolen card is just £4.99.

How can I get Moneycorp prepaid currency card?
You can visit the Moneycorp website to apply and activate your Moneycorp prepaid currency card.

Other travel money card deals
If you are interested in the Moneycorp currency card, you may also be interested in the CaxtonFX currency card.

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