New World Order – 5 Modern Workplace Upgrades That Are Worth Considering

Workplace evolution is happening rapidly. Gone are the days when employees had to sit through hours of meetings a week or put in excessive overtime to get ahead. Now, you’re free to work from home, collaborate with colleagues on-the-go, and still crush your goals.  
Read on to find out more about popular workplace upgrades that are changing the way organizations think about productivity.

Mobile office solutions

Every business needs a physical space from which to operate. The good news is, you don’t need to take out an expensive lease to legitimize your operations. From co-working spaces to virtual offices, you can get a dedicated office space with a professional address and communication services, all for a nominal fee. 

Serviced office packages typically provide the following:

  • Office equipment; 
  • Phone lined; 
  • Secretarial services;
  • Cleaning services; 
  • WiFi; 
  • Extra perks that are unique to the company you choose.

It’s the perfect solution for a small business that wants to minimize costs.

Server technology

Group collaboration spaces

The modern economy is increasingly driven by creative skills. This translates to artistry, empathy, and inventiveness; all of which have changed the face of business. In the modern world, it’s all about coming up with something new or filling a gap the world didn’t realize it had.

Businesses have adjusted to this change by fostering dynamic and creative workspaces to motivate right-brain activity and maintain an edge in the market. The modern office space has become a place of group collaboration instead of individual cubicles that separate people into silos. This new dynamic shifts the focus to company culture and the people who create it. However, there’s a balance that companies need to strike between keeping people connected and allowing them to break-way and work individually when necessary. 

Cloud computing

The workplace has also moved from paper to computers and mobile devices. Now, we also have collaborative technology in the form of cloud computing. The main benefit here is that anybody can work from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. 

Cloud computing creates a digital workplace that allows for seamless communication. You can share and edit files online while enjoying effective communication from anywhere in the world. Thanks to cloud technology, organizations can tap into a wide range of services and resources online, including payroll and data storage. 

Internet of Things

Imagine being greeted with your favorite coffee when you enter the reception room at your office building. How about interactive cameras that collect data and send messages to meeting rooms and service staff throughout the day? This creates a seamless flow that saves time by eliminating the need to wait for conference rooms or handle technical meeting systems.

Coffee in a cup and saucer

IoT devices also allow you to control lighting, temperature, and electrical usage from a central platform. It’s proof that the intelligent use of technology can personalize and improve workplaces exponentially.

Access and Time Management

Keeping your premises secure and monitoring the coming and going of your employees has never been easier with the advent of advanced technologies such as biometric retina or fingerprint time clocks, bluetooth devices and the like. In each case, access can be personalized based on different departments and their specific needs, or one-time authorization granted for deliveries or contractors to ensure watertight security.

As you can see, technology like collaboration devices, cloud computing, and the internet of things are all allowing us to work in new and incredible ways. Nowadays, technology is the center of an organization’s ecosystem, allowing everything to function together smoothly.

Add to that the flexibility to work from anywhere, and you’ve got a whole new world of collaboration, management, and productivity.

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