Microsoft Money: is Personal Accountz a good alternative?

Microsoft Money is a very good money management program but there is one problem for British consumers – Microsoft have stopped supporting and updating it for the UK market. Luckily there is a solution, use Personal Accountz, now called Home Accountz 2012, instead – but is it a good alternative?

cheque bookThe decision by Microsoft to stop supporting Microsoft Money in the UK has left many of their customers with problems, particularly is they want to use the very latest Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7. Old versions of Microsoft Money are starting to become obsolete as newer operating systems emerge.

With Quicken also abandoning the UK, Microsoft Money users are now struggling to find a good alternative, however help is at hand with the excellent Personal Accountz money management software, now called Home Accountz 2012.

UK users will be reassured that Home Accountz 2012 is owned by a UK company that actively is actively supporting their product and providing good support through a well used user forum. The company have been around since 1985 and we know that they have great plans for the future.

Microsoft Money users considering moving to Personal Accountz will also be pleased to know that there is a file converter that will reliably import their existing files into Personal Accountz. Moving to this UK based money management software seems like a good option for Microsoft Money users.

Another benefit of Personal Accountz is that it runs on Apple Mac and Linux operating systems as well as Windows based PC’s.

Importing Microsoft Money files into Home Accountz 2012

To import your Microsoft Money file into Home Accountz, you first have to export your data as a “Loose QIF” file from Microsoft Money. A Loose QIF file is one of the export menu options in Microsoft Money, in case you were wondering.

You export all your accounts from Microsoft Money and then run the import routines from within Personal Accountz, which is very easy to do. You merely open the exported .qif file from Microsoft Money and save it within Home Accountz with an appropriate name. That’s it!.

We have published a more detailed article about how to export data from Microsoft Money into Personal Accountz, now called Home Accountz 2012, should you be considering switching away from Microsoft Money and need more information.

So exporting your data from Microsoft Money to Home Accountz is very quick and straightforward, but what do it’s users think?

Personal Accountz user reviews

Here are a few comments from happy Personal Accountz users.

“I have been using Personal Accountz since January [2007] and have found it to be a worth while investment. It is easy to use and does exactly what it says on the box.”

“Thank you for all your help. Once I got started I soon found the system worked well and many of the features were easier to use. I am now converted!”

“The program is really brilliant – very easy to use, yet comprehensive”

Personal Accountz is not expensive. It costs £39 including VAT and can be downloaded from their web site, but we currently have an exclusive Voucher Code offer with 20% off – Just use this link and code SHMRH20. Valid until 31 January 2012

So Microsoft Money users seem to have found a solution for their money management software issues. Home Accountz 2012 does seem to offer a good alternative and being owned by an ambitious UK company should be reassuring.

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