MBNA Customers Get New Mobile Banking Text Service

MBNA show their progressive credentials with the launch of their Mobile Banking Text service.

MBNA credit cardCustomers of the UK’s largest credit card provider have something to celebrate with the introduction of a new mobile banking service. Its easy to use format adds massive convenience for card users, including the ability to check information on balances, transactions and bill payments while on the go.

The service is provided through a dedicated mobile short-code number – 83838 and promises to be a real unique selling point for the Bank of America subsidiary. When asked about the inspiration behind new feature, Ian Craig, Sales, Service and Operations executive for Bank of America Europe Card Services, said: “Our customers’ needs and expectations are changing — they want greater control and choice in managing their finances, and they want to do so in a way that fits their lifestyles.

“Newer technology, including mobile phone functionality, SMS, the Internet and voice recognition systems are transforming the way our customers expect us to interact with them. The Mobile Banking Text service is one of a number of exciting new improvements we will be making to our services.

“With this service, we are able to provide our customers with another way to bank that is simple, straightforward and puts their credit card information at their fingertips whenever they need it.”

To ensure all UK customers can take advantage of the new offering, MBNA have made it available to all 5 million card holders, with the only requirement being the registration of a mobile phone number to the card account. Once this is done, and for many it already will have been, users can simply text ‘Bal’, ‘Trans’ or ‘Bill’ to 83838 to get the information they want.

Card-holders will no doubt enjoy the new feature from a lender that has repeatedly shown a commitment to providing a value added product rather than just an attractive opening deal. The text service is provided for free with customers simply having to pay their network providers standard costs and has been engineered to work with any SMS-enabled UK mobile phone.

One of the major players behind the introduction of the facility was MBNA Head of Mobile, Phil Weston, who also oversaw the introduction of iPhone and Blackberry apps for MBNA customers. Those interested in finding out more about Mobile Banking Texts can find plenty of useful information on the MBNA website.

As well as introducing the text service, MBNA have also launched paperless statements in recent weeks and the ability to activate new cards online. More information is available at their website, including further details on paperless credit card banking and activating your credit card.

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