Managing family personal finance

Personal finance is a subject no doubt close to many at the moment – making sure there’s enough money not just to tackle day to day expenses but also to fund unexpected things for the family. Could you do with some clear guidance and helpful tips on budgeting for the entire year?

Do you struggle to save enough money for unexpected things for your family? Are you looking at a loan or a second mortgage in order to afford a better education for your kids? Do the promises of extra-curricular activities for your kids get postponed because your finances aren’t looking too good? Do you think about budgeting for the important things in life like health care/dental care?

Help is at hand. There’s going to be a live web TV show, brought to you by Denplan, in which broadcaster Cliff D’Arcy will give his advice on managing your family finances, whether it’s cutting down on unnecessary expenditure, swapping services to a single provider for bundled discounts or considering payment plans.

Tune in and get some advice on getting things under control so that there aren’t any unexpected surprises this year. You can send a question in now, or ask it live on Wednesday 27th January.

Click here to submit questions before the chat or join in live on Wednesday 27 January at 3PM (GMT)

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