Malwarebytes anti virus software cured my parents PC problems

For some reason, computer viruses and trojans have suddenly played a more prominent role in my life recently.

I had previously thought our PCs were safe as every one was protected with a full version of ZoneAlarm.  I was wrong.  One of our computers became very badly infected with the TDSSserv rootkit trojan, even though it was running a fully updated ZoneAlarm.

The excellent free Malwarebytes anti malware software finally disinfected that PC and I have been now installed it on all our PCs.

When I visited my parents last weekend, I was telling them of my exploits with the TdSSserv trojan.

“My PC is running a bit slowly at the moment”, my mother said.  So I installed the free Malwarebytes software on and it an ran the full scan.

As our Malwarebytes review says, it is very effective indeed at finding and disinfecting trojans that better known anti virus systems miss.

My parents were running fully update AVG anti virus software and thought everything was safe and sound.  Wrong too, I’m afraid.

The Malwarebytes scan discovered that their PC was infected with a worm. I don’t know what it was doing, other than slowing their PC down, but AVG had missed it.

Don’t live under a false sense of security that just because you are using a fully subscribed and updated anti virus software system that your PC is safe.  It probably is infected too.

Some of these trjans are very malicious, so they should not be taken lightly. The Clampi virus, for example, listens out for online banking passwords and login details and then sends them to hackers who will attempt to access yrou bank account.

Install the free Malwarebytes anti malware software and scan your PC every day with it, remembering to update its database first.  You may be shocked to discover potentially malicious infections, as my parents were.

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