Malwarebytes anti malware software – review of the free version

Trojan computer viruses such as the Clampi virus are becoming more destructive and difficult to detect.  We review the free Malwarebytes anti malware software in this article.

Malwarebytes anti malware software in use

The news that the Clampi trojan virus is threatening online banking customers in both the UK and USA illustrates how vulnerable Internet users are to clever computer hackers.

Download Malwarebytes anti malware software for free here.

Computer viruses, and particularly trojans, are becoming more difficult to detect and more destructive with their powers so it is extremely important that Internet users protect their PCs with the very best anti virus and anti malware software.

We review the free version of Malwarebytes anti malware software in this article.

What is Malware?

Malware, often called trojan viruses, is a small computer program that infects computers.  Once installed onto a PC they bury themselves deeply into the operating system and then lie dormant to exert their effects.

Malware such as the Clampi virus will wait until the user visits an online banking web site when it captures the username and password details and sends them to the hackers.  The hackers will then use that information to try and access your account to steal your money.

Other malware viruses, such as the TDSSserve trojan hijacks your browser sending you to many different web sites such as shopping sites, porn sites and web sites infected with other malicious viruses.

Trojan viruses can be difficult to detect and difficult to delete from your PC.  Unfortunately many better known anti virus programs cannot detect them and therefore cannot eradicate them.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software

Malwarebytes is an anti malware program, not a general anti virus system such as AVG or ZoneAlarm.  It only detects and disinfects malware, however it does this extremely well.

There is a free version of Malwarebytes that you can download.  The free version includes full scanning and updating facilities, however real time protection and automated updates and scheduling are only available in the full version.

If you are happy running the update and scanning routines manually, then the free Malwarebytes software is probably fine for you.

How does it perform?

If you read the authors battle with the TDSSserve trojan malware you will see that ZoneAlarm failed to protect PCs from this malicious trojan.

Neither ZoneAlarm or AVG could detect TDSSserve and of course were therefore incapable of disinfecting the PC.

Using Malwarebytes anti-malware was the only way that we could finally eliminate the trojan infection.

Having installed Malwarebytes onto all of our PCs, the software has also discovered other trojans such as worms that AVG and ZoneAlarm missed entirely.

There is no question that Malwarebytes is extremely good at detecting and quarantining trojan infections.

Ease of use

Malwarebytes anti-malware software is very easy to install and use.  Every morning we run the program and then update the database before conducting a full scan of each PC.

Although there is a quick scan facility that takes only about 10 minutes to complete, trojan viruses are becoming so malicious that we conduct a full scan daily.

A full scan takes between 1.5 and three hours to run, but can be run unobtrusively in the background as you use the PC for other tasks.

If a trojan is found, it is identified and then quarantined properly.

We have found that Malwarebytes can be used in conjunction with both AVG and ZoneAlarm anti virus software so that we get the benefits of the these products with the added protection and peace of mind of excellent malware detection and protection.


It is startling to realise that we had a false sense of security with our previous anti virus software.  We had subscribed to ZoneAlarm and kept that software up to date.

ZoneAlarm let us down badly as it allowed a PC to become infected with the TDSSserve trojan.  It took eight hours of effort and Malwarebytes anti-malware software to finally rid the infected PC of that malicious trojan.

The Clampi virus is a real threat and other dangerous trojans are emerging all the time, so ensuring that your PCs are really safe from these threats is not just important, it is vital.

Malwarebytes anti-malware is free and is thoroughly recommended.

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