How to Make Student Accommodation in London Cost Effective

London is clearly one of the most expensive areas in the UK where accommodation is can put a hole in the pocket. It is unaffordable for many people and they rely on support in order to stay in or around the city. London also has many different credible colleges and universities specialising in different fields therefore the ability to stay in a flat or home nearby can prove quite a challenge.

There are several ways you can look at making the accommodation cost effective which include some of the following ideas.

Use a Dedicated Company

There are several different companies out there that specialise in providing inclusive London based student accommodation and Collegiate is one of them that is extremely well-known and highly credible. This company will provide rooms that are specific for students therefore you will be amongst people with the same agenda as yourself. They offer sleek living spaces with features that you wouldn’t expect to get at university.

There are sometimes additional perks associated to all-inclusive renting such accommodation which will include access to the gym, cinema and a common room. When you head on over to their website, their costs will be extremely transparent and there will be payment options provided also which could include support from a financial body. By doing the process via this sort of company, you make one payment and all costs are covered rather than having to think about any ad-hoc charges.

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Room Share

You could consider room sharing in a student flat. This is a pretty common approach that students will look into in order to save some cash. There are clearly some hazards with this which will include not knowing the people well enough you are sharing with which could have some risky factors. If you move into a flat with someone then you will rely on them sharing the financial burden and ensuring they maintain their part of the deal.

If this fails then you could find yourself potentially offsetting finances to ensure that legal action or eviction does not happen in the home. It is highly recommended that you go through this process with caution and if the people you are going to move in with are not well known to you, you take the time out to meet them beforehand and agree rules around finances and payment responsibilities.

Live in Suburbs

As accommodation in London can be expensive, it may be an option to rent or purchase property out-with the city as this could be considerably cheaper. One of the negatives on this is that transport in London isn’t particularly cheap either.

Although the transport network is extremely reliable in terms of subways, buses and sometimes trains, you would need to plan in advance in order to pre-purchase tickets to have the best chance of getting the best deal. There are many different sites out there that will advertise specifically for students to flat share or rent in the suburbs of the capital city.

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