Make MORE money Selling Used Items Offline

We looked at ways to sell your used DVD’s and CD’s online in our recent article, however I was surprised to discover that you can get more money for your clutter by selling offline. Read on to find out how…

Shopping for used DVD’s

Firstly here is a quick recall about ways to sell used stuff online. There are smartphone apps and websites that ask you to scan the bar code of your item and then give you a price quote there and then. If that is acceptable, then you send it to them via Freepost and they then give you cash in return, provided that they are happy with the thing that you sent.

So it is quick and easy and you can sell any number of items this way. However you may only receive a low price, but this might be OK if you are happy to turn your clutter into cash, no matter how small that pile of cash turns out to be.

As I was to visit our local town where I know there is a stall selling used DVD’s and CD’s in the Pannier market, I decided to take along the two box sets of Breaking Bad – series one to three and the final series – to see how much I could get for them at the stall.

Before I went, I used the Music Magpie app to get a price from them. You can see how quick and easy this is in our video:

Music Magpie quoted £1.50 for the series one to three box set and £2.50 for the final series box set making £4 in all. Not too bad, seeing how much enjoyment we had from this brilliant production.

The lady owner of the market stall looked carefully at each disk in the two box sets and then offered £10 for both of them. This is more than double the amount that Music Magpie were offering so it was a deal there and then!

So the moral of this story is that if you want as much cash for your clutter as possible, don’t assume that the best deals will be from online companies. You might be better off selling to offline traders like I did.

There is a caveat though (isn’t there always!). It could be very time consuming selling many items offline, and you don’t want to spend too much time and cost travelling around to different places as this cuts into your margins.

If you have a lot of things to sell, then it might be sensible to go to a car boot fair, or sell online from the comfort of your living room. It is fun trying to find the best deals and the best bit is that you are getting rid of your clutter as well.

It does give me an idea, though. If you buy your DVD’s from an online retailer like Music Magpie, or at a market stall, then you sell them again, you are not paying very much for hours of entertainment and that is a great way to save money.

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