Make Money without a 9-5 Job

Your 9-5 job is slowly driving you insane, and you’re in desperate need of a vacation somewhere exotic? Well, you certainly cannot afford it by getting up every morning, following some strict dress codes that have nothing to do with your talent and driving all the way to the office, just to get exhausted. You’ll be back home by night and you’ll go to bed, and the cycle will repeat itself.

It’s time to break that boring cycle and earn money safe and fast, with the jobs given in this article. By the end of it, you’ll be setting up your LinkedIn profile, applying for your dream job, and searching for the perfect vacation destination in a new tab. Dreams do come true, you just need to work on them.

Writing a blog with wordpress

Content writing

Writing interesting and engaging content that will inform your readers sounds easy, but it requires a certain talent and skill. It’s nothing too complicated, but you need to think out of the box and be super creative sometimes. On average, content writers that are just getting started earn around 15-30$ per hour. Not to mention that over time, you’ll be getting 50-75 bucks and more. Every beginning is hard, but experience makes things easier.

You should always respect your work, and you can give out one free example per potential client. Giving away whole articles for free is a waste of your time, even if you have no previous experience. Big and serious companies will value your time, and some of them will even pay for your sample, no matter if you get hired later on. However, there are certain rules that you should follow when writing, and they aren’t related to grammar and vocabulary. You must never copy your articles, and you should never write without previous research.

Web development

Web development brings tears to the eyes of many, but for others, it only brings cash. If you have a talent for programming, you should definitely try yourself in this area, especially if you have advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Think of it as building and decorating a whole house from scratch, except, in this case, the house is totally virtual. Just because you’re an expert in the three languages mentioned above, why stop there? Upgrade your knowledge, and clients will come to you.

Web developers can make huge sums per project, and we’re talking around 7.000$ for a week or two worth of work. Ofcourse, this will come over time, and you can start for way less. Let this only be an inspiration to keep going and get better in what you do. The most important thing is that you can work from anywhere in the world, even while you’re sipping a cocktail on your well-deserved vacation somewhere far from the city noises. It’s freedom!


When dropshipping first surfaced, people were a bit skeptical and afraid. They didn’t quite understand the concept and they thought it was destined to fail. But the very few who decided to take the risk made some great money. Dropshipping comes with tons of perks, and only a small loss in case the whole project fails. You’ll never even get the goods in your hands, you’ll only act as a mediator between the seller and the buyer.

Find yourself a developer who will create an online store for you, where you can pin things you’ll be selling. You can provide the goods from big stores, such as AliExpress, and you’ll make some profit by getting a percentage from the sale. If the original piece costs 1$, you’ll be selling it for double the price, and with good marketing and advertising, people will learn about your store, and hopefully purchase from it. You won’t pay for storage, you’ll only notify the seller, and that’s it, your job is done!


Photographers earn good money, and they have the most relaxing job in the world. They can photograph anything from people to animals, landscapes, and products. The last one is best paid, and you’ll need a good camera, decent knowledge in apps such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and some tips and tricks on getting the best photo ever. Investing in different backgrounds is a bonus as well. Over time, your skills will improve, and your photos will look better than ever, so be consistent and work hard on improving yourself.

Photography can become a passive income of yours as well. There are various platforms online that give you the opportunity to sell your photos to people. The platform will take a percentage of the price, but you’ll always get the bigger share. Best of all: multiple people can purchase the same photo and use it for their projects later on, and you’ll get the money every single time!

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