Major Train Journey Delays But Twilight On My Kindle Helps

Well I’ve just finished my first book on my Kindle, what a fabulous book and how easy to read – a major help whilst suffering train delays too.

Twilight on KindleI had the ‘pleasure’ of a very long train journey yesterday. I had to travel from Totnes to Birmingham for a meeting and then of course back again.

It was supposed to be a 3 hour journey each way, a journey time which to be honest I thought was fantastic.

What’s more I booked my ticket in advance to save money, via, and paid just £80 for my ticket which I thought was pretty good value for money.

To put that into context, I have travelled to Birmingham from Chelmsford, admittedly buying my ticket nearer the departure date, but have spent almost double the fare I paid yesterday.

The journey from Totnes to Birmingham

I guess the journey though didn’t start that well in that waiting at Totnes station for the 06.50 to arrive, at about 06.46 there was an announcement to say no buffet services would today be available on the train.

Not good for someone who had skipped breakfast! And making the announcement so close to the time the train was due meant there wasn’t even enough time to dash to the cafe that was open. Thank goodness I had at least remembered a bottle of water.

Anyway the train arrived on time and I settled down to my journey, immediately starting to continue my read of Twilight on my Kindle.

I was about 31% of the way through the book – I actually like this continual assessment of how far you are through a book. I know when reading a physical book you can make a rough judgement but having an exact percentage shown all the time is somehow quite encouraging.

We stopped at a handful of stations, including Newton Abbott and Exeter St David’s before reaching Bristol Temple Meads. No sooner had I thought how well the journey was going than it was announced there was a signal failure ahead and the train manager ‘had no idea how long it would be before we moved’. How encouraging!

I continued to read, bliss and I really was running through the pages.

After about half an hour a refreshment trolley service came into operation and so I finally managed to get my ‘healthy’ breakfast – a cup of Starbucks coffee and a Pain aux Raisins. The only thing I needed now was for the train to start moving!

After 45 minutes I had to text the office to explain I was likely to be running late – thank goodness for mobile phones.

Finally we did set off again, some 65 minutes late. A lot extra reading time though of course.

And then the journey from Birmingham to Totnes

I was due to catch the 4.12 back to Totnes from Birmingham New Street. There were 3 of us heading for the station so although we could walk there in around 15 minutes we decided to order a taxi. But it didn’t arrive and so with just under 15 minutes before my train was due to depart, two of us decided to make a run for the station.

Clearly I need to get back to the gym, and not try running in high heeled shoes. By the time I got to the station I was puffing and panting like I couldn’t believe. I also couldn’t believe it when I saw my 16.12 train was running late and not due in until 16.39. Why did I run???

Finally after purchasing some ‘sweets for the journey’ the train arrived and we set off. Unbelievably there were further delays and we didn’t get into Totnes until just over an hour later than scheduled.

So both my journeys were about an hour late. I haven’t travelled this route before, are such delays typical I wonder? If so may be CrossCountry trains need to revise their timetable and better set passenger expectation?

I have emailed their customer services to advise them of my delays and get their feedback – I will update you when I hear back from them.

And what about my Kindle experience?

The positive to all this though was the extra time I had to read Twilight on my Kindle. I had over 8 hours of dedicated reading time, no children saying ‘Mummy’ or chores needing to be done. I couldn’t do anything other than read and read I did…..all 100% of the book, absolutely fantastic.

I can’t recommend reading on the Kindle highly enough. It is so easy – to turn a page, backwards or forwards, you simply press a button and the text is so clear you can really whiz through pages.

It’s also so portable – I took my handbag, albeit slightly larger than average, and it happily held my kindle, smartphone, notebook and pen for the meeting, as well as usual items such as make-up and purse.

I loved the first book in the Twilight series too. So much so that I’ve just downloaded the next book in the series, New Moon. And that’s so easy to do too, just connect via Wi-Fi, logon to the book store and press buy. That’s it, the book is then downloaded and ready to read.

Needless to say I’ll be starting my second kindle read this evening, can’t wait!

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