Low energy light bulbs – five for £1 at Sainsburys!

Low energy light bulbs have always seemed very expensive, at least up until now.  Sainsburys are selling 5 Philips low energy light bulbs for £1, which is a fantastic bargain.

Using low energy light bulbs can save a considerable amount of electricity and are, of course, helps the environment, but I have always questioned the cost benefits of using them as they have been considerably more expensive than conventional bulbs.

Previously it would take years to recoup the cost of a low energy light bulb from the savings made from using less electricity.

The deal at Sainsbury’s changes all this.  The low energy bulbs that Sainsburys are selling are 11 Watts which is equivalent to a 60 Watt conventional bulb.  Made by Phillips, they have a ten year guarantee as well.

It’s a brilliant deal and Sainsburys are to be congratulated for helping us save money and save the environment.

I should also add that British Gas have also been sending out a pack of five low energy light bulbs to some of their customers.  They are FREE so if you receive a package from British Gas soon, then take advantage of using these low energy light bulbs as much as possible.

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