Lose Pounds In the Gym, And From The Wallet Too!

I guess that most people can still just about remember their New Year Resolutions. Losing weight must surely be the most popular resolution of them all.

So off we go to the gym.

If we are not members, we join anyway, even though there might be joining fees and we have to subscribe for 12 months membership. We’ll lose that extra weight we put on during the Christmas festivities, so it’s worth it.

In January, gyms are heaving with people determined to shift the pounds. February is perhaps a bit less busy and by the end of March, gyms return to their pre Christmas levels of regular members.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, most people who are not naturally sporty or don’t have the real desire or resolve to really stick at becoming and keeping fit, soon find reasons to stay at home instead.

The direct debits keep on going out of the bank account, though. So pounds are being spent and weight is not being lost.

That is how Brits waste an estimated £37 million per year on gym memberships and weight loss classes. And the pounds stay on the waistline as a result.

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