London 2012 Olympics quiz – a bit of fun!

It’s Sunday morning and with a few minutes to spare (before going to see the Justin Bieber film with the chidren) I decided to have a look around on the internet to see what news there was about the London 2012 Olympics – after all it’s getting ever close!

Ever closer indeed, the Olympic ticket applications open on 15 March 2011, only a few days away.

Anyway, I found various stories about the Olympic rings being hoisted at St Pancras station, who the Olympic torch designers are going to be and various others, as well as on the CBBC site a London 2012 Olympic Quiz from Newsround.

I have to say I did it, it was a bit of fun – mind you I only scored 8 out of 10 and that included a couple of correct guesses along the way too. If you want to have a go here’s the link to the CBBC site.

Back to the tickets for this event, remember that Visa (credit, debit or prepaid) will be the only payment method accepted for online applications – you can use the Virgin prepaid Visa card for example.

You can use cheques and postal orders for applications submitted using the form included in the office ticketing guide.

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