Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card – facts and figures

As one of the largest retail banks and one of the so-called Big Four clearing banks in the UK, Lloyds TSB is also offering its clients a prepaid currency card. The Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card is especially designed for the convenience of travellers.
Lloyds TSB

We now continue our reviews with information about the Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card to compare with other prepaid cards issued by some specialist providers such as FairFX and CaxtonFX.

Who are Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card?
The Lloyds TST Travel Money card is backed by banking giant Lloyds Banking Group. Its headquarters can be found in London and Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

An introduction to the Travel Money Card
The Lloyds TSB Travel Money card is a safe alternative to cash without the hassle of changing travellers’ cheques. You can buy a Travel Money Card either in Euros or US Dollars and you can load your card with either of the currencies.

You can use the card worldwide wherever you see the VISA sign. The card uses a series of security systems and the latest technology to prevent fraud and identity theft.

Other advantages of the Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card are:

  • The flexibility to initially load from £1 to £3,000 (the maximum held on the card at any time) – then the option to top up from £50 quickly and easily over the phone while you’re away;
  • The ability to withdraw up to £250 a day (or equivalent amount in Euros or US Dollars) at any ATM around the world that accepts VISA (charges apply);
  • No commission fees and exchange rates fixed at time of card purchase – just like your other travel money from Lloyds TSB;
  • 24/7 customer service line – vital when you’re in another time zone;
  • Checking your balance, recent transactions and topping up your card from abroad online or by calling us on (+44) 207 481 4783 or 0845 603 0599 when in the UK’
  • Complete peace of mind – if your card is reported lost or stolen, your remaining balance will be credited to a new Travel Money Card,
  • The convenience of a card you can use whenever you travel;

How much does the Travel Money Card cost?
There is a £7.50 application fee for the Travel Money Card but Silver Account customers of the bank will not be charged. Replacement of a lost or stolen card is £5.

Other charges are: Currency conversion charge 2.75% of purchase or cash Withdrawal, if it is in a currency other than that held on the Card; Transfer fee – £5 (payable whenever money is transferred from your Card ); and Cash withdrawals – $2.50 (for U.S. Dollar Card) or €2 (for Euro Card) fee per withdrawal.

How can I get Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card?
There are two ways to apply for a Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card. One is to log on to the company’s web site. Online application will take only 10 minutes. Or you can call 0845 3 000 000 (for Lloyds TSB customers) and 0845 603 0599 (for Non-Lloyds TSB customers).

Silver account customers of the Lloyds Banking Group can just call the Silver Membership services to apply for their Travel Money Card.

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