LLoyds Bank (LLOY) share price pivot points

LLoyds Bank, along with other banks such as RBS and Barclays, are amongst the most heavily traded shares on the FTSE 100. Finding ways to time the trading of these shares can be lucrative, particularly with their recent volatility.

Traders know that shares find support and resistance around pivot points and Fibonacci retracement levels, so knowing what these daily levels are can give you a trading edge.

Calculating the pivot point and Fibonacci points can be tricky, so we have decided to offer a free service that does all the hard work for you.

We will publish daily pivot point, support and resistance prices and Fib retracements for some of the leading UK stocks including LLoyds Bank, RBS, Barclays and the FTSE 100 index.

It’s completely free information, so you are welcome to use it to enhance your trading.

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