Lessons To Learn from Couples in Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous relationships allow one to have more than one sexual or emotional involvement at a time. Many people might think that this type of connection is uncommon, but that is not the case. Many people practice polyamorous relationships, but they choose not to be public about it. The reason why they are not open is that society tends to look down upon the practice and they may end up losing friends and the support from their families. Though in recent years, society is slowly trying to embrace it, which is evident by the many films that try to showcase people in polyamorous relationships.

Here are some of the things that couples in monogamous relationships can learn or emulate those in polyamorous relationships.


Communication is an essential factor that determines whether a given relationship is successful or not. Many monogamous couples fail to communicate well with their partners, which causes trouble in their relationships. A lot of disagreements in marriages could have been avoided if there was excellent communication about various needs, desires, and problems.

Those in polyamorous relations tend to communicate more efficiently with their primary partners than their secondary partners.This is because proper communication is essential for the relationship to be intact while those involved are pursuing other relationships. Couples in monogamous relationships should try to mimic those in polyamorous relationships and have excellent communication practices with their partners.

Practicing Safe Sex

Those practicing polyamorous relationships are more likely to engage in safe sex. This is because most of the time, they tend to check the status and health records of new partners. For someone to have several sex partners, they tend to be more careful. On the other hand, those who cheat in monogamous relationships typically do not have protected sex. In monogamy, partners usually practice unprotected sex since it is seen as a way of intimacy, so if one of them is cheating, they put both their health and that of their partners at risk. At Happymatches, you will find out more about relationships, and who knows, you might find your desired life partner.

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Managing Jealousy

Many may think that having relationships with multiple partners may lead to jealousy, but that is not always the case. Studies have shown those in monogamous relationships tend to get more jealous than those in non-monogamous relationships. Monogamous couples are more likely to check their partner’s phones, bags, and other belongings because of jealousy. If you are in a relationship, you should learn to build a sense of trust between yourself and your partner.

Those in non-monogamous relationships tend to know what their partners want and have clear boundaries that they set on things they can and cannot do. With monogamous relationships, most couples do not have clear boundaries, which leads to future problems like jealousy. Some people may consider having sex with other people outside of the relationship cheating while some may even consider having thoughts of attraction about someone else cheating.


Since we are not all the same, we should learn to embrace our differences and accept each other’s choices of lifestyle. Those in non-monogamous relationships should not be stigmatized by society.

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