Leetchi’s Online Money Pots Takes the Pain Out of Group Collections

You know how it is with collecting money to buy gifts for friends, family or colleagues – it starts out as a generous idea and tumbles into disaster when people don’t pay in, and arguments flare up.

What begins as a well-intentioned whip ‘round descends into frayed tempers and festering friendships, particularly around the holiday season, and well into the year.

No surprise, then, that in a recent YouGov survey, 1 in 3 people believe that money causes serious rifts in friendship and family matters.

For some, money is one of those awkward subjects that, like politics and religion, is best avoided in conversation – in fact, 36% of people believe that talking about finances with friends makes them feel uncomfortable, while a full 35% have faced issues getting back money that’s been borrowed from them.

But there is an easier way.

Leetchi.com provides an online money pot, which can be set up in less than 60 seconds and takes the hassle out of group-funding. No more chasing up those who haven’t paid, no more lending money you can ill afford yourself.

It’s quick, easy and most importantly secure to start – and best of all, for the financially conscious, it’s totally free to set up.

Letchi Money Pot platform - how does it work

That’s a major difference to other money pot platforms in the UK, and one that Leetchi bolsters with its huge list of partners, meaning you can buy from those partner sites without additional expenditure. It’s all about keeping costs as low as possible, while providing a service that’s simple and effective.

Discussing the platform, Leetchi’s founder and CEO, Céline Lazorthes offered a very real and relatable reason for creating the online money pot: “I was often faced with the problem of advancing money to buy a group gift and spent a lot of time chasing people up to pay me back. The light-bulb moment arrived when I was in charge of organising an integration weekend for my class at HEC Paris, this is when I envisaged an online money pot that would help to overcome all the difficulties associated with collecting money in a group.”

Speaking of Leetchi’s UK launch, Lazorthes reaffirmed the company’s commitment to creating an online service that offers the most convenient way to join forces: “We are very excited to launch Leetchi in the UK and to provide users with the option to finance projects in GBP. Leetchi has revolutionised the way people raise money for group-gifting and is now bringing an alternative fundraising and gifting service for projects in the UK.”

And it’s not just the UK who are benefiting: There are more than six million users of the service, allowing contributors in over 150 countries to raise money for various projects.

Leetchi. For anything and everything

Leetchi’s online platform already boasts an impressive 200k UK customers alone and, as we’re seeing, the trend for pooling money together is growing every year – so it makes perfect sense to harness that willingness to club together on a single, uncomplicated platform.

And it’s not just the UK who are benefitting: There are more than six million users of the service, allowing contributors in over 150 countries to contribute into their money pots.

The only question remains: What will your group buy?

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