The Lazy Shoppers Guide to Donating to Charity When Shopping

We are not all made for browsing rails of clothes in the centre of town. Some of us just know what we want and don’t enjoy the crowds. If this sounds like you then you are part of the elite club of “Lazy Shoppers”.

Shoppers that find the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get what they want when they want it. Club “Lazy Shopper” doesn’t mean that you don’t have a social conscience and we want to ensure that giving to charity is just as easy and lazy as your normal shop.

Giving to Worthy Causes in the Supermarket

We all must do a weekly / monthly shop and even the laziest of shoppers usually ends up in a supermarket at least once a week, no matter how well we utilise online shopping and have Waitrose deliver to our door.

There will always be the item we forget, or we’ll run out of something. The supermarket is the easiest way to give something back though:

Penny pots: Most check outs will have a collecting tin for a charity so why not just pop that loose change in the pot. Smaller retailers and corner shops are most renowned for these types of pots and you nearly always use cash getting your paper – Easy and lazy!

Drinks stacked on supermarket shelves

Food Banks: More and more Supermarkets have a permanent trolley after the counters that accepts items for the food bank. You simply add an item or two to your normal shop and drop it in the trolley on your way out of the store.

We spoke to Fare Share, one of the charities Tesco works with. They regularly need long life milk (UHT), soya, dairy free and gluten free products. They also welcome tinned vegetables as so often people in need struggle to have a balanced diet. But they welcome all donations.

Items that donate to Charity: Even a lazy shopper can donate ethically. Choosing certain products over others could see you giving back to worthy causes.

Brands like Innocent donate 10% of their profits to charity every year. Choosing retailers that make these donations means you can be safe in the knowledge that the food you buy is giving back.

Buy the Merchandise: Want to add to the millions that supports charity drives like Children in Need and Comic Relief. The Lazy Shopper has no intention of climbing Everest, sky diving or cycling to France. Then why not buy a selection of items to donate to these causes?

Whether you prefer a nice pair of Pudsey ears or a simple Comic Relief pin badge, there will be an item that suits you and donates.

Shopping Online to Donate to Charity.

The ultimate Lazy Shopper never needs to leave their house to have everything they need. They are the master of online shopping and know their local Hermes drive by name and send them a Christmas card.

Shop online to save money

But not leaving the house doesn’t mean you can’t support causes close to your heart

Lazy Shopping doesn’t have to mean more expensive. Why not make a great saving on that must have purchase? Better still why not pay for your lazy shopping habits by saving on delivery costs.

How you might ask? The answer is simple: voucher code websites. Most sites have an entire section dedicated to free delivery codes and you can search by merchant for the deals you want. Companies like My Favourite Voucher Codes also allow you to donate to charity.

They donate 20% of their profits to charity every month, so a portion of your spend goes straight to charity. Better still they have a poll for the charity of the month, meaning you can even vote for where you would like your donation to go – all this for free!

Did you know that lots of charities have online stores? Oxfam Online have an entire store of second hand and brand-new items. They even have a designer section with brands like Dior, Armani and Burberry all being sold second hand at huge cut prices.

Shopping with these well-known charities online is the same as using charity shops, but just Lazy Shopper style.

If you are looking to donate did you know that the British Heart Foundation will even collect your donations. Just keep a carrier bag next to your wardrobe and every time you think you are done with an item of clothing, chuck it in the bag. Then contact them via their web page and they will pick up your bags of unwanted items for free.

If you fancy a little exertion, pop the kettle on, open up that pack of custard creams and start shopping; safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit.

If you must run out and grab something for tea, then just add the cartoon of UHT and drop into the Food Bank trolley on the way out. However you decide to donate, try and be lazy about it.

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