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If you like reading books but don’t fancy lugging paperbacks around, then have you considered using a Kindle ebook reader from Amazon? Here’s our Kindle review to help your consideration.

Kindle ReviewAmazon claim that the Kindle has been their best selling item for the last two years. It also has the most 5 star reviews of any of their products and is also the most wished for item. We can see why, as this review shows.

At first you think “why do I need an ebook reader?“.

Part of the reading experience is turning the pages of a paperback and maybe going back a few chapters to savour a particular passage of text again. Reading a book is a physical experience as well as cerebral one.

It’s when you realise that the Kindle can store up to 3,500 books, that you can download a new book in about a minute, almost wherever you are, and that the physical aspects of reading with a Kindle are different, but no better or worse than reading a conventional book, that you start to think a Kindle is worth considering.

It is slightly smaller than a paper back and requires just one hand to hold it, whereas holding a paperback open often requires two hands. You turn a page, going forwards or backwards merely by using one finger or thumb of one hand.

So if you are sitting on a crowded train, then you are using less elbow room as you read with the Kindle – it is kind of neater to hold and use.

If you are sitting on a beach, or reading in the garden, you can read the screen of the Kindle as though it was print on paper – no squinting into a shiny screen or scrabbling around for some shade as you do when reading a laptop screen, or a tablet such as the iPad.

There is no doubt that reading a book with a Kindle is better than reading a book with your iPhone, iPad or laptop. After all, that is what the Kindle is designed for – reading in a diverse range of lighting conditions.

So you can pop the Kindle into your handbag, briefcase or even pocket, if it is large enough, and can carry an almost limitless library of books with you wherever you go.

What about finding, buying and downloading a new book?

This is where the 3G or WiFi facilities come in. Amazon want you to find books to buy wherever you are. They want to help you find books to buy searching genres, titles or authors and giving you a selection of recommended and most popular books.

Amazon have succeeded in this goal, as you would expect, as the Kindle and the downloaded books being purchased must be boosting their profits very nicely.

It is very easy to search for a book or browse through the categories using the in built browser and the WiFi or 3G (free too, but you must buy the correct model, which is more expensive) Internet connectivity.

Once you find a book to buy then click on it and it is downloaded to your Kindle in under a minute, though you do need your credit card details registered with Amazon before hand.

Which brings us to the kindle free book samples – a feature that we like a lot.

If you want to try a book before you buy, rather like you would flick through the first few chapters of a book in a bookstore, then you can download a free sample first.

This is often the first few chapters of the book, although the amount offered in the sample does vary from book to book. If you like the sample, then it is a simple one click operation to buy the book.

If you don’t like the sample, then it is easy to delete it from your Kindle.

So do we like the Kindle for reading?

Reading a book from a screen takes a bit of getting used to, although in our experience this really doesn’t take long. Other than that it is a joy to use.

Most importantly it encourages you to read, and to experiment with different books and genres, and that is a very good thing indeed.

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