Keep Your Car Interior Clean with These 5 Tips

Your car is like a moving house on the road. Just like you care for your house, you should care for your car too. A clean house makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Similarly, if your car is tidy, you will feel comfortable and happy to drive the same.

While you get your car serviced every few months to maintain its machinery, you should also clean your car interiors more often. Keeping the interiors of your vehicle tidy eliminates germs and your car remains more organized.
Here are some easy tips to help you maintain the tidy interiors of your car.

Use Car Organizers To Store Stuff

Your car is not just a means of traveling places but also a vehicle you may use to transport things. In short, the car’s interiors remain stuffed with things such as your office files, laundry clothes, groceries and other materials. If you cannot find a sensible method to organize the clutter in your car, the interiors will become a complete mess.

To keep this problem at bay, use car organizers. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the desired size and store it in the car’s trunk. You can also buy hanging organizers to keep things stored yet handy.

Clean the Mats and Floor Regularly

The floor of your car is one of the dirtiest parts of its interior. Cleaning the car floor is integral. All the dust and trash fall and end up on the mat or floor of the car. Thus, clean your car mats and floor more frequently than usual.

To clean the car mats, take them off and shake them until all the dust and other materials fall. You can further use a brush or detergent to wash the mats. Clean the car floor using a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the Car Upholstery

Similar to car mats and floor, it is essential to keep the upholstery needed and tidy. Your car upholstery is the most abused place of the vehicle. It is where all the spilling takes place. Furthermore, dust, dirt, hair, and pet dander make it look dirtier.

Merely vacuuming the car interiors is not enough. Invest in a good-quality good-quality car upholstery cleaner machine and use it to clean the upholstery. This machine reaches all the hard-to-clean spots, thus offering immediate results. Car upholstery cleaner machines are available in different shapes and sizes. They are portable and easy to use.

Keep A Trash Bag in your Car

Leaving trash inside a car is a big no, making its interior look messy. To keep your car’s interiors more organized, use a trash bag. Keep a small-sized trash bag in your car to dispose of all the unwanted things such as wrappers, plastic bottles, and other materials.

Change your old trash bag with a newer one more frequently to keep germs and odour away. Alternatively, you can also buy a trash can for your car.

Use a Fresh Car Perfume

Like your home, your car should smell good too. You could not feel the vehicle’s overall cleanliness if the odour lingered inside the cabin. Odour results from food, pet, sweat, germs, bacteria, and other elements accumulated in your car.

While cleaning your car regularly keeps odour at bay, it does not get completely removed. The best way to deal with this situation is to use car perfume. Choose fresh fragrances such as floral and citrus to make your car’s interior smell heavenly.


Besides the above-listed car cleaning tips, we suggest you remove anything extra from the car. Leaving things in the car and letting them pile up over time creates mess and clutter. Therefore, make it a habit to take what you bring with you every time you step out of the car. Follow these tips and keep your car clean.

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