Just How Long Does it Take to Move House?

Moving home has a reputation for being one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of adulthood, with the length of time it takes being a major contributing factor. Often times, buying and selling property in the UK is a slow process even when things go smoothly. So how do you speed this up? Below you’ll find a few handy tips:

Making moving home easier

Choose the right agent

There’s so much choice out there these days, and there’s no reason to stick with an apathetic agent when there are more out there vying for your business. Shop around and ask for recommendations from friends to get an idea of who’ll work harder for you.

Be prepared

This doesn’t just mean having the boxes packed! There is a mountain of paperwork that needs completing and collating, including the mortgage offer. Get as much as you can sorted before you get offers or make an offer on a property as this will means some hoops have already been jumped.

Make access as easy as possible

A survey is important on any property. As hard as it is to understand, there can be obstacles to access, from the seller being uncooperative to not being contactable. Make sure all contact details are correct and respond as soon as possible to requests. Better yet, download our free app and ensure all your paperwork is to hand and in one place.

Respond quickly to survey revelations

If there are no issues then this step is easily taken, but when there are defects or issues this will set the process back. It either means remedying the situation or renegotiating on price.

Be prepared to wait for searches and results

A common frustration is the amount of time it takes to get back search results from local authorities. This shouldn’t be an issue for much longer however as there is a large project underway to get this information online, reducing the amount of time it takes to perform various essential searches.

Avoid long chains where possible

You may be fortunate in that the seller is not part of a chain and thus, there is only one transaction to focus on. Sometimes however there are nightmare situations in which the chain is long and when one link of it breaks down, the delays can be long and costly.

Moving house is an exciting time – so be organised and focussed on the end goal to keep the delays to a minimum and you’ll be unpacking again in no time.

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