James Bond Lotus Esprit to be sold at auction

For all those James Bond fans, the Lotus Esprit Turbo used in the ‘For your Eyes only’ Bond film is being sold at auction.

It’s being auctioned by Coys in their 18 July auction at Blenheim Palace.

The Lotus was in the 1981 film with Roger Moore as James Bond.

It was in fact the original production car, with chassis Number 1.

Gadgets of course have always been key for 007, this car interestingly comes with a set of skis on top to assist in the snow!

Expected to reach a price of £100,000 + perhaps not a car purchase many will be able to make….and just imagine buying the car insurance on top.

Still, another option might be the 1983 James Bond Tuk Tuk from the Octopussy Bond film which is also in the auction?

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