Is your Cash Flowing the Wrong Way? Reverse the Tide Using one of These Innovative Marketing Techniques

Regardless of whether you’re currently spending a fortune on marketing or not, if your money is flowing the wrong way, you need to take a serious look at what you’re doing. If your cash flow problems aren’t down to other business issues (non-paying clients, for example) then take a close look at your marketing activity. Here are some innovative marketing techniques that might reverse the tide.

Sending a Text

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to reach the right people and have them actually pay attention to what you’re saying. The cheapest way to get your text messages out is to send bulk SMS with GlobalMessaging.

This will allow you to reach your customer database with the latest offers. You need to get your offering right, though. Even though SMS engagement rates are a lot higher than email engagement, you need to have the right message and call to action to maximise that.

Keep your message short and simple, and avoid any fluff or overly descriptive words. You’ll need to hook the person reading the text but you should then go straight into what they get out of clicking that link in your message. Will they get money off their next order? Exclusive tickets to a special event? Or a chance to win some amazing prizes if they share something on social media?

Micro-targeting through social media

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter now make it very easy to target a very niche group of people. Gone are the days where we try to reach as many people as possible, instead we’re drilling down into customer profiles to find the exact people who are going to be interested in what we’re offering.

Not only is this a great way to improve engagement and conversion rates, but it’s often much more affordable than a blanket marketing campaign.

Facebook gives you the ability to target people based on their age, gender, location, interests and even where they work. This gives you a whole host of options when it comes to a micro-targeted campaign.

Before you set out on one of these niche campaigns, you should have a goal. You need to know what your end game is here because it’ll give you more of an idea as to whom you should target and how.

A video camera

Video marketing

Content marketing is growing in popularity and a big part of that is down to video content. Internet users are constantly on the hunt for entertaining and informative videos. If you can create something like this, you can tap into a whole new portion of the market.

Creating a video can be expensive but this could be a good use of your marketing budget. Videos give you the power to reach anyone on any device and it’s so much easier to persuade someone to take action with a video than it is in a string of lengthy text. You also have to remember that while your written skills of persuasion might be second to none, not everyone has the time to read articles online.

Try one of these innovative marketing techniques to change the way your business is going and to get your cash flow running in the right direction.

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