Is The iPad Useful Or Useless?

Having spent time recently writing about the iPad and ‘playing’ with one friends have, I wonder is the iPad useful or useless? Perhaps a controversial thing to think, let alone blog about, but nevertheless I’m going to.

I first have to admit I don’t like following the crowd. For example, whilst there’s so much hype around the iPhone and no doubt it has excellent features, I made a conscious decision I wanted to opt for a different smartphone – going for the Samsung Galaxy (which by the way I love!)

Apple recently announced better than expected sales of  the iPad and iPhone which helped boost its profits. So a lot of people already own this PC tablet – just following the hype or do they genuinely use them I wonder?

Anyway, it seems to me that the iPad is a cross between an iPhone and a laptop, and is perhaps trying to be an eBook reader too. Whilst it has advantages over these devices, it has some disadvantages too.

On the plus side it obviously has a bigger screen and touch keyboard than the iPhone and thereby is easier to use.

Connecting to the internet and browsing sites is very easy, watching TV programmes or films as well is no doubt great. I have also seen it being very successfully used to keep a 3 year old entertained with children’s apps whilst an older sibling was having a horse riding lesson. All very positive.

However, it’s big and more difficult to carry. Perhaps easier to carry than a laptop but it doesn’t easily fit in a handbag or pocket does it?

It’s not a phone but neither of course is a laptop. It doesn’t have a camera or indeed run websites that use flash.

Many use it I understand to read books – is it though too big for this? I think in this area it is very challenged by the Kindle – far smaller and easier to port and perhaps hold whilst sitting to read and drink a coffee for example.

The battery life isn’t great, certainly a lot less than the Kindle. Perhaps not a massive problem but certainly annoying if you’re on a long haul flight and into a book but you run out of power half way through.

This does sound like I’m falling into the ‘iPad is uselss camp’. Despite my comments, I’m certain it’s not and I really do rather like the idea of having one myself. I can’t though justify the expense at the moment, mainly because I’m struggling to see how I can effectively use it. What’s its niche?

Any comments or input to help my deliberations would be greatly appreciated.

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