Is A Holiday House Swap Rewarding And Cost Effective?

A holiday house swap is increasingly popular with holidaymakers but is this as cost effective and attractive as people think?

A picturesque holiday cottage

A holiday house swap is increasingly popular with holidaymakers as they look to abandon the perhaps typical package holiday and look for something offering flexibility and something that is child friendly.

If you find well matched accommodation you are likely to find items to meet your home from home needs, helping you relax and to travel much lighter.

Many ‘swappers’ will take care of each other’s pets and perhaps the garden too which can be extremely useful.

Overall, a lot see it as a way to save money too.

Top UK ‘swap’ destinations include Cornwall, Devon, Scotland and the Lake District. Some venture abroad, mainly to Spain and France, although some venture further afield to America.

Many though launch into their swaps without careful consideration and planning.

Knowing that your home will be safe is no doubt the key question many people ask.

Holiday House Swap

It’s really a trust based arrangement and to help understand how best to gain this and to get an understanding of the whole process there are number of good house swap websites that can help you.

A point to consider is that according to research from Lloyds TSB Insurance, nearly 25% return home to a damaged property. An estimated £100 million worth of damage to property will be caused this year as house swap holidaymakers don’t treat their holiday home as they would their own.

But as almost two thirds of house-swappers fail to tell their home insurance provider that they will be taking part in a home exchange, they run the risk of invalidating their home insurance policy if anything goes wrong during the house-swap period.

Paul Spillane, Head of Home Claims at Lloyds TSB Insurance comments: “To ensure people make the most of their house-swap holidays, we’re urging them to alert their insurers before taking part in an exchange so they don’t jeopardise their cover.”

Of course your home is less likely to be burgled when occupied than when left empty.

If you are going to include your car in the exchange you will also need to contact your car insurance provider.

Ultimately, as many ‘swappers’ will testify, done properly a holiday house swap can be very rewarding and cost effective. Careful planning though is required.

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