InvisibleHand helps save you money

As you can see from our special offers, we like saving money at, and news about a new money saving service seems intriguing.

InvisibleHand is a web browser add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome that notifies you if it finds a better deal when you are looking to buy a particular item.

So say you are searching for a Wii Fit with Balance Board, the InvisibleHand add-on will alert you if it finds a better deal than the one your are looking at. If it can’t find a better deal then it stays “invisible”.

Neat stuff, at least in theory, although I bet online retailers will hate it – they entice you to their site but then InvisbleHand pops up and shows you a better deal! It should save you money, though, and that is important.

We’ll have to test it out soon to see if it is as good as it sounds. Stay tuned for our review!

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