Innovative Ways to Save Money and Efficiency in Your Home

Saving energy and increasing efficiency isn’t just good for the purse, it’s also good for the planet. Countless scientists have proven that climate change is starting to affect the planet and the United Nations stresses that everyone should look at how they can save energy. You just need imagination and willpower to start saving money on your domestic energy bill.

Save money in your home

Look at different heating solutions.

If you heat your home through an old and polluting boiler, it may be time to consider a change.

You can always opt for a new energy efficient combi boiler, or perhaps you should consider underfloor heating.

This form of heating can dramatically reduce energy bills and you don’t need a boiler to run this system, air source heat pumps are used as an alternative.

Maybe you could save money by switching energy supplier?

As well as the major energy suppliers, new smaller and agile suppliers have emerged that are changing the way that we should be buying our home energy.

For example, one energy provider you may not have heard of is Bulb. They are a small startup energy company supplying 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas at the lowest possible prices.

Not only are Bulb customers potentially saving money, compared to the larger energy providers, but they are consuming renewable energy from various green resources.

Start with the simple things.

If you’re trying to cut down on the family fuel bills, then start off with the simple things.

One of the easiest ways to start saving energy and money in the home is to learn how to shut doors.

Switching off lights when not in use is also an excellent way of cutting down on costs, the website Our Property suggests that you could save up to £200 a year if you remember to switch off electric lights and replace all your light bulbs with energy saving appliances.

Saving money on your water bill.

When you are making a cup of tea, only fill the kettle with enough water for your needs, you’re not trying to quench the thirst of the army, and you could save up to £20 a year if you follow this guideline.

Another way of saving money on a water bill is to have showers rather than baths. You could also install a shower head that will help you cut down on costs, or just spend less time in the shower. This is Money’s website suggests you can save £10 a year for every minute that you take off your morning shower.

Make sure your taps don’t drip; this irritant can cost you up to £18 per year!

Insulation will help.

Get loft insulation

Make sure that your home is fully insulated.

HM Government website has information about where you can go for help to have your home insulated.

It also explains whether you can get help from your local authority, your energy company or any other resource.

Remember though, cowboys knocking at your door offering to cut thousands off your heating bills are always likely to prove to be costly and not carry out the service they promise.

They should never be trusted.

Just close your front door and decline their offers.

Clean your oven and hob.

This might sound odd, but a dirty oven takes much longer to heat up than a clean model and a food-encrusted burner on your hob will also use more energy.

You could always use your microwave rather than your cooker to cut down on cooking time and use less energy.

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  1. When I wanted to save money and make my home more efficient I found about Green Deal, I discovered that it’s a government scheme designed to do just this – best bit is it’s designed to reduce my fuel bills!

    All I needed to do was get a “Green Deal Assessment” sorted out (quite quick when I used STL Heating) and I went from there – so give Green Deal a try.

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