How Innovative Online Casino Games Attract Players

The launch of the Sony Playstation 5 has caused a flurry of interest in console based gaming, however it is console-less gaming that is seeing the most interest from gaming fans.

It is not only improved bandwidth and more powerful mobile devices that make console-less gaming more attractive, but the innovative designs of the latest games is also behind the large take up of online gaming.

A report into the state of online gaming in 2020 found that globally, 44 percent of gamers reported they would subscribe to an online service, with gamers ages 18-45, aspiring professionals and expert gamers the most interested. Playing with a mobile device was the most popular method of accessing games, and bandwidth constraints on game download times was cited as a major frustration for online players.

Innovation is important in attracting players

Whilst improvements in mobile and communication technologies are clearly behind a widespread switch to online games, it is the graphical design and gameplay that is differentiating one game from another in a highly competitive market. Developing innovative and engaging gameplay plays a vital role in attracting and, importantly, retaining players.

Implementing innovative and enticingly designed games is particularly important with online casino games. In general. betting games are based around a limited number of formats such as card based games like poker, number games such as bingo and slot based games.

A bingo graphic

Additional formats such as dice and roulette-based games also proliferate, but online gaming companies need to find ways to make these standard formats more interesting and extend the gameplay so that they offer unique experiences to their players.

Therefore online casinos are now offering innovative combinations of games such as Slingo, which combines bingo and slots into a multi-level betting experience. Players who may be tiring of playing slots or bingo, could find renewed interest in playing this new type of game.

Creating virtual worlds and environments

Incorporating the gameplay of the standard betting formats into imaginative worlds and environments is another way in which online casinos can attract new players. Players using devices with high resolution displays will be rewarded with superb graphics that enhance the playing experience and immerse the player into the game, which boosts their attention span and retention.

From jungles to journeys through outer space, players are enticed into these virtual environments whilst playing the underlying standard games such as slots using traditional gaming mechanics.

Online players want to be excited and involved with their games and it is by thinking of imaginative designs and gaming combinations that companies can compete effectively in the highly competitive online casino markets.

Speeding up gameplay

With attention spans ever shortening, online players are reluctant to wait for a game to start as they increasingly seek instant involvement. Online casinos are very aware of this and find ways to reduce wait times to the barest minimum.

A large clock for efficient time keeping

This is apparent in games such as roulette where a new player must wait for the round to finish before joining the game. In instant roulette, for example, instead of one wheel spinning, which locks out new players until its round is complete, there are twelve wheels available so that at least one will be available for a new player to commence playing straight away.

Increasing the speed of gameplay and minimising player wait time, plays a large role in boosting the attractiveness of an online casino to new players. Innovative approaches to games such as having twelve roulette wheels available, gives an online casino an edge in their competitive marketplace.

As we have seen, it is by adopting highly innovative gaming strategies and paying considerable attention to the design of games and minimising wait times, that is going a long way in attracting players to online casinos and retaining them for as long as possible.

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