I’m Impressed With CaxtonFX Exchange Rates

With an impending holiday in Europe, I’ve been looking into the best way of taking Euros with us and decided upon a CaxtonFX prepaid currency card.

You also need to take a certain amount of hard currency too, of course, and I had noticed that Sainsbury’s have a new travel exchange counter in our local store so I nipped around there this morning to buy some Euros.

Sainsburys have different rates depending on how much you are changing and also give a better rate if you have a Nectar card.

I think the cashier must have thought I was a bit rude as I couldn’t help saying “your exchange rates are awful” when I saw what they were quoting. I was a bit horrified to see that Sainsbury’s were selling Euros for 1.61, even for Nectar card holders.

I had previously loaded my CaxtonFX card with Euros at a rate of 1.18, hence my surprise at the Sainbury’s rates.

I must admit, though, that Sainsbury’s rates are good compared to most high street exchange bureaux, and there is no commission payable, however you can see how good the CaxtonFx rates are, particularly if you exchanging larger amounts.

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