The Importance of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy. We live in the technological age, and so of course there are many digital marketing tips you can use to maximise the spread of your business.

A truly broad marketing plan also makes the most of offline marketing, too, however. We may live in the digital age, but traditional print marketing and advertising still have a lot to offer. Whether it’s going to a specialist such as Bestbuyenvelopes for custom printed envelopes, ensuring you have the right tone of voice in your copy, or properly targeting your campaigns, every business can benefit from implementing these simple offline marketing tips into their marketing strategy.

So what do you need to know?

Unified branding matters

No matter what you’re doing to market your business, it’s important you offer a truly cohesive presentation to your customers. Both your online and your offline marketing need to exhibit cohesive themes. This means, for example, using custom printed envelopes that carry your “business colours”, and ensuring your website is developed to use those colours in its primary palette.

Hitting a bulls eye on a target

Why does this matter so much? Quite simply because it determines how recognisable your business is. Take the envelope example – you want your customers to realise it’s you that has sent that piece of mail before they even open it. Recognising you simply from the colours and design is the goal, and when you have this you know you’ve achieved a true level of unified branding.

Target your campaigns

Another key element of a truly cohesive marketing strategy is the understanding of your recipients and what they will best respond to. For example, it’s pointless sending people special offers if they have no real idea who you are, and it’s pointless sending introductory promotional material to established customers who have already exhibited loyalty to your business.

A teamwork concept

Targeting your campaigns is of the utmost importance. Whether it be introductory offers or promotions, customer loyalty schemes, or general promotion – segment your recipients and decide who is going to respond to what. It’s a little more work, but if a customer feels you have just blanket mailed a promotional letter without having proper reason they simply won’t engage.

An affordable investment

Remember that offline marketing is still a highly effective way of reaching customers. This makes it particularly appealing for smaller businesses, because the required investment is comparatively low. Despite that affordable investment, however, it can still provide considerable returns.

Think about what your current branding says about your business. Be sure to incorporate that into sales letters, brochure promotions, and physical advertising that work hand in hand with your ongoing digital marketing strategies. The results will speak for themselves.

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