Spread Betting Guides: IG Index Review

IG Index is an online spread betting that serves as a perfect trading option for novice and experienced financial spread betting enthusiasts. Read our review to learn more.

spread betting screen with stock pricesFor the newcomer, the IG Index website offers an excellent range of tutorial videos that run through the basics of betting and also provides a TradeSense Education Program that allows six weeks of betting to take place at nominal stakes to help build confidence.

A detailed range of frequently asked questions are also available and these are detailed enough to answer most of the queries a beginner might have.

Online Platform

For the more seasoned financial spread bettor, one of the most prominent features is an easy-to-use Puredeal platform that makes dealing a breeze. A tutorial walks site visitors through the one-click web-dealing program, and users can customise their personal interface to make favourite applications easily accessible.

A comprehensive charting facility is available to help track betting performance, and the Autochartist facility is an ideal market recognition tool that highlights potential betting opportunities as and when they arise. The Puredeal platform has already received a number of industry awards for innovative structure and ease of use.

Mobile Trading

Mobile trading is an area in which IG Index excels. There are four different platforms available that allow account holders to enjoy the benefits of trading on the move.

The free iPhone app combines easy-to-use features with superb functionality while the Android software is an award-winning platform that has been specifically designed for touch screen use. The powerful Blackberry app covers a full range of trading markets and IG Index even supply a number of mobile phone options that covers a wide variety of different handsets.

Markets and Analysis

The IG Index website is supported by industry news and analysis features and these are supplied by Reuters. IG Index also boast a wealth of supporting in-house information, and third-party research is harvested from the Trading Central and Investors Intelligence resources.

Daily hotlines are also available and website users enjoy access to the popular “Chart of the Day” feature, which handpicks important market movements from more than 10,000 different stocks.

The website often reaches beyond the services offered by its competitors, and now offers financial spread betting opportunities on Forex markets, binary option bets, interest rates and sectors. Membership to the website is required and this can be fulfilled in a number of ways.

A paperless online form is available that allows a new account to be set up in minutes, or a downloadable PDF form can be printed off and sent to IG Index instead. A telephone helpline is also available to help new members register their accounts.


Perhaps the biggest benefit to using the IG Index website is the vast range of financial spread betting training programs that walk site users through all major aspects of online training with ease. The tutorial videos are perfectly laid out, explained in simple terms and are accessible even before an account is opened.

This is particularly useful for newcomers with a desire to explore spread betting in more detail before finally taking the plunge.

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