IFX travel currency card – facts and figures

Another prepaid currency cards which travellers can trust is the IFX MasterCard Prepaid currency card. These prepaid currency cards give travellers a sense of security and convenience instead of carrying cash when travelling. We now continue our reviews with a focus on the IFX travel currency card.
ifx currency card
Who are IFX travel currency card?
The IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency Card is issued by the Newcastle Building Society pursuant to licence by MasterCard International Inc. It offers competitive exchange rates.

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An introduction to the IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency Card
The IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency card is available in Euro and US Dollar and can be used in 28 million locations worldwide, including over 1.5 million ATMs. Just look for the MasterCard acceptance mark when using the card.

You can manage your money abroad via SMS, online or by phone. It uses chip and pin for extra security and blocks reported stolen or lost cards.

The maximum balance for eccount is £5,000 and US Dollar and Euro cards are available on the same eccount.

You can load your IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency card using credit/debit card or via bank transfer. For your added security, the card only accept top-ups by credit/debit cards that have been registered for MasterCard secure code or verified by Visa.

How much does the IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency Card cost?
The IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency Card costs £10. You can pay up using your credit/debit card or via SMS. An additional card costs just £10 and will be sent to you within 5-7 days. Please ensure you have the £10 balance available before ordering it.

Initial load is £10, the minimum amount of initial load. The maximum single load by bank transfer is £2,000. The maximum balance is £5,000 and maximum ATM withdrawal €625/$750.

There are no transaction fees in the UK and abroad but cash withdrawals are charged at €2/$3. Balance Enquiries cost 20p/€0.30/$0.40 by telephone and 8p/€0.12/$0.40 by SMS.

You will be charged 4% when you load by a credit card and 2% of the transaction using a debit card. Bank transfer is free.

Replacement of lost or stolen card will cost you £4.99 per card.

How can I get IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency Card?
You can buy the IFX MasterCard Prepaid Card by logging on to the company’s web site. But you have to need to retrieve you PIN before you can activate your card. To retrieve your PIN you will require the 4 digit memorable number supplied at time of purchase.

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